Credit Info

What if we told you that we have helped thousands of customers increase their credit standing without doing any credit repair or requiring you to pay-off any accounts?

Since 1993, in addition to being a full-service mortgage lender, AFFINITY Mortgage Corporation has successfully offered our exclusive consulting services to customers who have been turned down for a loan by a bank, credit union, mortgage company, etc., due to not meeting credit requirements. We help give consumers who are negatively affected by poor credit the opportunity to achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Our exclusive consulting service can provide results to consumers who have been turned down for a mortgage, car loan, credit card or any type of credit due to credit problems. Our combined expertise and state of the art technology has helped thousands of customers to improve their credit standing and lower their debt.

As a consumer you already know that your credit score plays a significant role in your financial well being. Low credit scores can have a negative impact on many different levels. They may prevent you from obtaining needed credit such as a mortgage, school or car loan, or they may cost you a great deal of money in higher interest payments on loans, credit cards and insurance. Conversely, the higher your credit scores the better your chances are of obtaining credit and loans at the best possible interest rates. If you have been denied credit, would like to lower your present interest rates, or would simply like to improve your credit, our exclusive consulting service can help.

Most people have no idea how influential their credit is in the loan process, and although it may seem an impossible task, with the help of Affinity Mortgage Corporation, our exclusive consulting service can help you turn your “denied application” into an “approved loan”.

AFFINITY Mortgage Corporation’s goal is simple: to help you to obtain a mortgage approval that will allow you to purchase or refinance in the shortest period of time.

To get started on the road to recovery, please Contact Us for a no-obligation credit analysis.